Bioinformatics is the use of computers for the acquisition , management and analysis of biological information. It incorporates elements of molecular biology, database computing and internet. Bioinformatics is clearly a multi-disciplinary field including computer system management networking, database design, computer programming, computational biology, statistics, mathematics, genetics and molecular biology. The analysis of DNA sequence data has come to dominate the field of bioinformatics , but the term has been applied to any type of biological data that can be recorded as number or images and handled by computers. Bioinformatics enhance protein structure analysis, gene and protein functional information, data from patents, pre-clinical and clinical trials and the metabolic pathways of numerous species.

  • Track 1-1 Analysis of gene expression
  • Track 2-2 Analysis of regulation
  • Track 3-3 Analysis of mutation in cancer
  • Track 4-4 Comparative genomics
  • Track 5-5 High throughput image analysis

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